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Washington, Dreyer & Associates Soft Launch

In a momentous event for the legal industry, Quinton Washington, Esq. and David Dreyer have joined forces to launch Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLC, formerly known as Bell & Washington LLP. This merger marks a significant milestone for both parties and has already generated high anticipation within the legal community. To commemorate this achievement, Washington and Dreyer celebrated the soft launch at their Buckhead headquarters, surrounded by their dedicated staff, esteemed business associates, and supportive family and friends. The partnership between Washington and Dreyer brings together a wealth of experience and expertise in various legal domains. With Washington’s background in family law and Dreyer’s specialization in business litigation, the new firm is expected to offer an unparalleled range of legal services. Clients can now benefit from a diverse set of skills, as Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLC navigates complex legal challenges, ensures compliance, and advocates for their clients’ interests. During the soft launch event, the ambiance was filled with excitement and optimism for the future of the firm. The partners expressed their gratitude towards their staff, without whose support this merger would not have been possible. They eagerly shared their vision for Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLC, highlighting their commitment to excellence, strategic thinking, and solution-oriented approaches to legal matters. As the firm accepts new clients and further establishes its presence in the legal landscape, the partnership’s synergy is expected to set new standards of innovation and success in the industry.
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