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Business Litigation

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Litigation is the term used to describe the proceedings that take place when a party takes action to either defend or enforce a legal right. Business litigation, however, involves the disputes that arise out of corporate relationships, including a firm’s claims against groups of individuals, governmental entities or other companies, or groups of individuals.

Such litigation is a matter of public record, often creating public relations nightmares and potentially besmirching the reputations of firms once all is said and done. And when these rights are provided by a contract or agreement, the legal claims can be complex and demand specialized legal knowledge.

Most Business Cases are Resolved through Negotiation

Most people associate litigation with the presenting of evidence and questioning of witnesses in a civil trial, but the vast majority of business disputes are resolved through negotiation long before they reach a courtroom.

This means that attorneys who represent litigants in cases involving complex business matters should be as skilled at the negotiating table as they are before a jury.

Our Atlanta business litigation attorneys have extensive experience with business litigation, and we provide aggressive representation at every step in the process.


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