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Mediation, Arbitration, and Private Litigation

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Going through a divorce is seldom easy and reaching an amicable settlement at the negotiating table is not always possible. The courts have the final say in these matters, but traditional litigation can be expensive and involves discussing extremely personal matters in public. There is also a good chance that both parties will leave the courtroom unhappy with the judge’s decision. Our Atlanta-based mediation attorneys can help both parties reach a favorable agreement before ever stepping foot into a courtroom.


Fortunately, divorcing spouses in Georgia can avoid protracted court battles by resolving their differences through mediation or arbitration, which is sometimes called private litigation.

Ask an Atlanta Mediation Lawyer: What is Mediation?

The courts are very busy, and family law disputes often involve complex and thorny issues. For this reason, Georgia lawmakers have decided to make mediation mandatory in divorce cases. This means that if you file for divorce in the Peach State and cannot resolve your differences with your spouse, you will have to attend sessions with a mediation attorney before you can argue the facts in court.

Lawyer standing between couple getting a divorce. Our team of skilled mediation attorneys help ex-spouses settle divorce disputes before they get to court.

The Benefits of Hiring an Atlanta Mediation Attorney

Mediation is not a bad thing because it can sometimes lead to a breakthrough when a long and bitter court battle seems inevitable. Mediators are skilled negotiators, and they get results by helping disputing parties to find common ground. The benefits of hiring an Atlanta mediation attorney include:

  • It is less adversarial: Court proceedings are like a sporting contest that leave one party victorious, and the other party defeated, but mediation is designed to find a solution that everybody can live with.
  • It is less expensive: Litigation can drag on for months or even years, but mediation often resolves contentious disputes in just a few sessions. This can save divorcing spouses a lot of money.
  • It leads to better outcomes: Divorcing couples who resolve their issues through mediation tend to be happier with the outcome and less likely to breach the terms of the agreements they enter. 

How Is Mediation Different from Litigation?

Mediation and litigation can both settle family law disputes, but they are very different. Mediation sessions are far more informal than court proceedings, and a mediator’s decision is not binding on either party like a judge’s ruling is. During mediation sessions, attorneys may be present to provide encouragement and advice, but they do not introduce evidence or question witnesses.

Arbitration and Private Litigation

Arbitration is much like mediation, but the arbitrator’s decision is binding and cannot be appealed unless it is defective in law. The chief benefit of arbitration is that the proceedings take place behind closed doors and both parties are prohibited from discussing them in public, which is why it is often referred to as private litigation. 

Serious meeting between couple and female lawyers. Contact an Atlanta mediation attorney if you need help settling a complicated family law dispute.

Contact an Experienced Mediation Attorney in Atlanta, GA Today!

If you are contemplating a divorce or have already taken steps to end your marriage, the experienced attorneys at Washington, Dreyer & Associates could help you to prepare for mediation and sit by your side during the sessions. 

Our Atlanta mediation attorneys have resolved hundreds of divorce cases at the negotiating table and during arbitration, and they will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best settlement possible. To discuss these matters further during an initial consultation, you can call us at 404.996.1794 or use our contact form to quickly get a callback. We’ll be happy to talk to you!