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Same Sex Marriage Issues

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The U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriages in Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015, making it legal in all fifty states. And while the law allows same-sex partners to be married, same-sex marriages can, unfortunately, face many of the same issues as opposite-sex partners. 


At Washington, Dreyer & Associates, we understand how difficult this time is, and we want to help you take the next step toward getting on with your life. 

Our Family Law Attorneys have a combined 50+ years of legal experience, which means that we’re well-prepared to help you navigate through this confusing time. It’s our goal to ensure your future financial and emotional health are preserved, while also making sure your divorce proceeding is equitable. 

Grounds for Divorce

In the Atlanta area, there are 13 grounds for divorce. Although some of the items listed below do create a condition of fault, Georgia is a no-fault state. 

  • Adultery
  • Criminal Conviction
  • Cruel Treatment 
  • Force, Duress, or Deception 
  • Habitual Addiction/Intoxication 
  • Mental Incapacity 
  • Impotency
  • Intermarriage 
  • Incurable Mental Illness
  • Irretrievably Broken 
  • Pregnancy (by someone outside the marriage)
  • Willful Desertion 

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you have the legal right to terminate your marriage. Once you’ve decided to move forward with a divorce, there are certain things that you and your soon to be ex-spouse must agree upon. 

The best way to deal with things quickly is by reaching a settlement agreement outside of court. If you’re unable to do so and your case proceeds to trial, a judge will make decisions for you. This may or may not turn out in your favor, so we encourage you to work with our firm first. We will make sure that acquiring a settlement agreement is first and foremost to protect you. 

Some of the many things that you must agree upon include: 

  • Child Custody and Visitation 
  • Child Support 
  • Division of Marital Property and Debts 
  • Spousal Maintenance 

Reaching a settlement outside of court is possible with an experienced Atlanta divorce attorney. We have the skills necessary to negotiate your divorce. Additionally, if it becomes necessary, you can also turn to a third-party mediator. This individual will have a neutral position on your marriage and can assist you in reaching a settlement agreement without having to go to court. 

Using a lawyer and/or a mediator to dissolve your marriage is generally going to cost you much less money and time. More importantly, it will also cause less anguish and stress for both spouses and any children you may have. Bringing an attorney to your session with a mediator is the best way to be certain that your interests will be well-represented. 

Contact Washington, Dreyer & Associates Today for a Free Consultation

We understand that getting a divorce is heartbreaking, regardless of who started the proceedings. We exist to help you get through the divorce and come out the other side as unscathed as possible. Facing a divorce may be difficult, but the lawyers at Washington, Dreyer & Associates Atlanta office can help you contend with all the challenges a divorce may present. 

The most important thing is to keep your emotional and financial well-being on solid ground. This is something that Bell & Washington Attorneys excel at. As soon as you have agreed upon settlement terms, we’ll work diligently to secure your divorce as soon as possible. This will help you move forward with the new chapter in your life. Call us today to arrange a consultation at 404.996.1794, and we’ll both be glad you did!

About the Washington, Dreyer & Associates Law Firm in Atlanta

The Washington, Dreyer & Associates Law Firm in Atlanta is an excellent minority-founded firm that’s made up of attorneys, along with current and former judges. As an example of our excellence, our founding partner, Quinton G. Washington, was named among the Nation’s Best Advocates – Top 40 Under 40 Attorneys by the National Bar Association. 


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