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Going through a divorce is often financially traumatic, and spouses who relied on their husband or wife’s income while they were married may find themselves unable to cope when that money is no longer available. Spousal support or alimony is awarded to help spouses deal with the economic fallout of divorce and prepare them for the future, but it is not granted automatically in Georgia. Instead, judges look at the facts of the case to decide whether spousal support is warranted. If it is, they can order that it be paid temporarily or permanently. An Atlanta alimony lawyer can help you reach a fair agreement in your alimony case.


Atlanta Alimony Lawyers

Ask an Atlanta Attorney: What is Alimony?

Alimony is a form of spousal support that is ordered by the court to be paid from one spouse to the other during or after a divorce. Atlanta alimony attorneys can help you understand the different types of alimony that may be available in your case and can assist you in negotiating a fair and reasonable alimony agreement with your ex-spouse. Atlanta alimony attorneys can also represent you in court if your ex-spouse fails to make alimony payments as ordered by the court. If you are facing a divorce in Atlanta, or if you have already been divorced and need assistance with an alimony issue, contact an Atlanta alimony attorney today to discuss your case.

Temporary Alimony

Some divorces are resolved quickly, but others can drag on for a year or longer. Judges award temporary alimony when one spouse requires financial assistance during this time. This kind of spousal support is designed to make sure that divorcing spouses can pay their bills and cover their legal costs, and it ends when the divorce is final. 

Close-up shot of money spread across a table. If you’ve been awarded or have to pay spousal support, an Atlanta alimony lawyer can help you get the most out of your case.

Permanent Alimony

While it is called permanent alimony, this kind of spousal support is rarely paid for an unlimited period unless the person receiving it is either elderly or seriously ill. Permanent alimony is awarded to help spouses adjust to life after divorce, and it is often paid while they look for employment or receive job training. 

There are no strict guidelines in Georgia to help judges determine how much alimony should be paid or how long it should be paid for, so each case is decided on its merits. Judges tasked with making these decisions consider the length of the marriage and the financial resources of each spouse, and they also study the events that led up to the divorce. If the spouse seeking alimony committed adultery or abandoned the marriage, the judge could deny their petition or reduce the amount they receive. 

Terminating or Modifying Alimony in Atlanta

Alimony usually ends when the time limit established by the judge is reached or the spouse receiving it remarries or dies, but spousal awards can also be modified or terminated if there is a significant change in circumstances. Alimony is ordered based on the needs of the receiving spouse and the resources of the paying spouse, and it is subject to modification if those needs or resources change. This could happen if either spouse becomes unemployed or takes a job with a significantly higher or lower salary. Alimony may also be terminated if the judge determines that the receiving spouse is cohabiting with another person and has a marriage-like relationship with them. If you’re ready to terminate or modify your alimony agreement, our Atlanta alimony lawyers can help. 

Judge with his back facing the camera while man and woman are arguing sitting in front of him. If you’re currently going through a divorce, an Atlanta alimony lawyer can help you and your ex-spouse come to a favorable agreement.

Speak With an Experienced Alimony Lawyer in Atlanta Today

If you are worried about being left financially vulnerable by a divorce, you should speak with an experienced Atlanta alimony lawyer before negotiating spousal support. The alimony lawyers at Washington, Dreyer & Associates in Atlanta are the subject matter experts in family law and will argue tenaciously to ensure that the outcome is a fair one. If you would like to discuss alimony or any other legal matter, you can use our online form or call us at 404.996.1794 to schedule a consultation.


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