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Wellness and Justice go hand and hand.

At Washington Dreyer & Associates, our team is proudly composed of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and more. We handle families and their situations seriously, because we understand that families matter.

Our Community Matters.

Washington Dreyer & Associates, LLC emphasize and specialize in legal advocacy,  public advocacy, client wellness and community engagement. We engage with the community by supporting, contributing, collaborating and aligning our firm and resources with existing community organizations already doing phenomenal work to elevate our overall impact.

We are extremely excited about our year-round legal internship program. To apply click here.

Wellness Resources

We understand in any legal situation, the emotional strain and strength can take its toll. Washington Dreyer & Associates offer our clients referrals for mental & emotional counseling and support groups. 

  • Personal Injury: Established in the Metro Atlanta area for over 16 years, our unique network of physicians, clinics and hospitals allows Washington & Dreyer to assist your search for the right treatment in your area.
  • Family Law: Our family is one of the most important pieces of our lives. Depending on your situation and goals with our firm, it can be incredibly distressing to manage the progress of your case emotionally, especially as legal proceeding become lengthy. We believe you truly matter, and offer several resources to help protect your well being during these tough times.

Community Wellness

We appreciate the Metro Atlanta Community’s trust in our ability to protect and bring justice to its members. To demonstrate this appreciation, Washington Dreyer & Associates are active in our local community and support local organizations for the benefit of not only our direct clients, but anyone in our community. We are incredibly honored to support some of the most dedicated, progressive and impactful organizations including:


Our Attorneys are masters of their field, with over 50 years experience between our team, Washington Dreyer & Associates understand the intersectionality of the law. Often times, particular situations may call for other legal actions outside of our servicing. We retain strong relationships with external attorneys and firms to ensure clarity on your situation and your best next steps, and refer your case to a firm or attorney we know to be a powerhouse in their respective field to ensure your case is handled with the utmost care, even if your case fully falls out of our jurisdiction.

Youth Advocacy and Internships

Washington Dreyer & Associates Legal Internships & Youth Advocacy training programs are meant to empower our youth to become involved with change and expand awareness. Our legal internships are aimed to expose a budding attorney to unique, complex legal situations with the guidance of over 50 years of experience while becoming a part of passionate team.


Want to Get Involved? 

If you are interested in volunteering or participating in any of our initiatives, or are interested in a joint community endeavor please email us at: community@washingtondreyer.com.





The Washington Dreyer & Associates, LLC foundational tenents are excellence in legal advocacy,  public advocacy, and community engagement. We engage with the community by supporting, contributing programming to, and aligning with existing community organizations already doing impactful work.

– Client referrals for mental & emotional counseling and support groups

– Community legal advocacy training

 – Legal internships & Youth advocacy training

– Social Justice and Advocacy Initiatives

– Community Family Engagement Special Initiatives through Partnerships

– I Am A Father 5K: IAmAFather5K.org

Fatherhood Support Initiative: https://fathersincorporated.com/
-Atlanta Bar Association Pro Bono Legal Services Referral List 
-Community Members  in Crisis Quarterly Programming: SisterCAREAlliance.org
If you are interested in volunteering or participating in any of our initiatives, please email community@washingtondreyer.com.
Community Leader Awardees

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