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Channel 2 News – Greater Travelers Rest v. AI et al.

Greater Travelers Rest v. AIG et al., an over 900 page lawsuit filing by Washington, Dreyer & Associates, LLP interview aired November 22, 2022 on Channel 2 News.

 Photo: Mark Winn, Channel 2 News Reporter, Attorney David Dreyer & Attorney Quinton Washington (left to right) 

Photo Credit: Washington Dreyer & Associates

Media Statement

November 22, 2022  Atlanta, Ga.  – Attorneys Quinton Washington and David Dreyer of the Washington, Dreyer & Associates, LLP Law Firm representing The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church, a historic 140-year strong church pastored by Reverend Dewey E. Smith, filed a more than nine-hundred-page long lawsuit today to challenge the predatory lending behaviors of Defendants, including American Investors Group (AIG), Herring Bank, and others. This fraud case used complicated bond instruments, inflated real estate appraisals, misapplication and misappropriation of payments, bribes, and unauthenticated and unregistered bonds to extract millions of dollars from a church serving DeKalb County, Metro Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond.

Our extensive investigation uncovered a conspiracy that appears to primarily target African Americans churches. These types of legal fights too often go unfought, and many churches fall prey to companies seeking to take advantage of them. Our firm is more than equipped to advocate and fight. This is just wrong.” – Attorney David Dreyer, Washington, Dreyer & Associates, LLP


It is a sad day when houses of worship are continuing to be targeted by predatory corporations seeking profit from communities of faith.” – Attorney Quinton Washington, Washington, Dreyer & Associates, LLP

Our firm invites the community to review the key points listed below and continue to remain connected to our legal fight against AIG and Herring Bank’s predatory behavior.

Key Points to Consider:

  • This conspiracy seems to have primarily targeted African Americans churches.
  • Pastor Dewey Smith and his finance team learned about the payment of a $100k bribe related to their loan, and immediately began an investigation.
  • But even then, Defendants refused to turn over the documents showing the predatory behavior.
  • At the end of the day, the Church has paid about $15,000,000 for property worth only $9,000,000—and the Defendants are still claiming the Church owes over $16,000,000.
  • The Church deserves better, and we trust the courts in DeKalb County, Georgia, and a jury of our peers to determine justice in this matter.
  • The Church also wants this scheme exposed so other churches can no longer be victimized.
  • Greater Travelers just celebrated its 140th year, and our firm will work to ensure the Church is on sound footing so it can be around for 140 more years.

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