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Due to a long-standing reputation for professionalism, success, and dedication to our clients, many of the nation’s most prominent legal benefit companies have hand-picked Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLP to represent their clients. Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLP is proud to be a participating firm in the legal benefit plans and referral networks listed here.


Atlanta Bar Association Referral Program

If you are referred through the Atlanta Bar Association please make sure that you have paid the $35 to the Atlanta Bar Association. Once you pay the fee for the referral please schedule a time to speak with an attorney in our office. Unfortunately, we may not be able to speak with you immediately when you call but we will schedule you an appointment immediately. Please note that we cannot evaluate pending cases over the telephone without seeing any of the paperwork which associated with your case. Reviewing paperwork requires an office consultation.



As a member of ARAG please call our office with your ARAG member ID number so that we may reference your benefit package. Because ARAG offers many different legal plans we want to make sure that you receive your appropriate consultation time with a member of our staff. We will then schedule a conference for you with one of our attorneys at a date and time that s convenient for you.



The CLC Legal Access Plan provides members with free access for legal referrals to top-rated local attorneys when needs arise. Each member is entitled to one free office consultation or telephone consultation per separate legal matter.

In the event a member decides to retain an attorney after the consultation, they will be provided with a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the attorney’s normal hourly rate. Virtually all types of legal matters are eligible for these services. An example of the type of legal matters for which a member may use this program include:

  • Civil/consumer issues
  • Personal/family legal services
  • Personal injury
  • Criminal matters
  • Business legal services
  • Real estate
  • IRS matters
  • Estate planning law
  • And many others

Please call to make an appointment with one of our attorneys. Though we would like to be able to answer your questions immediately, due to the volume of calls we receive you will need to schedule an appointment. We try to schedule all appointments within 72 hours of calling.


Countrywide Legal

As a part of your personal legal protector plan, you have access to a nationwide network of skilled attorneys. With your prepaid legal plan, you can speak to a local attorney regarding a wide range of legal matters, including creating living and simple wills, designating medical powers of attorney, reviewing contracts and documents, advice on government programs and small claims court and more.

What’s more, you can save money by using our legal plan for all of your legal needs. If you need to hire Washington, Dreyer & Associates for a more complicated matter, we offer a discounted rate of 25% off of scheduled and hourly rates. We also offer a 10% discount for contingency fee cases (i.e. personal injury).



We are proud to represent teachers on behalf of GAE when they are facing non-renewal matters, unfair dismissal and termination matters, contract disputes and civil rights cases. As a local GAE attorney, you need to contact GAE to make sure they refer you to our firm as a covered benefit. Otherwise, we offer GAE discounts to members for non covered matters. Please mention that you are a GAE member when scheduling your consultation. Our attorneys have been featured in local and national news for our representation of teachers. If you are a teacher and you need help call us immediately. Your job and your rights are too important to risk not calling us.


Legal Zoom

Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLP welcomes LegalZoom members. We are proud to be referred new clients by one of America’s fastest-growing legal benefit plans. Our team of experienced attorneys will guide you through your legal issue at a discounted rate of 25% off our hourly rates. We work with LegalZoom benefit members frequently and welcome you to our firm.


LawPoint by ComPsych

LawPoint plans provide free initial consultations and discounted rates negotiated by ComPsych Corporation, the world’s largest provider of employee assistance programs and a pioneer and worldwide leader of fully integrated EAP, behavioral health, employee wellness, work-life, FMLA and absence management services. ComPsych provides expert resources to more than 29,000 organizations covering more than 78 million individuals in more than 130 countries.


Union Legal Plus

At Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLP we are proud to be a member of Union Legal Plus, the nation’s largest benefit plan for union members. Our attorneys understand the union cause and are dedicated to the best representation for union members. Please call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys to handle your legal matter now.

Benefits of your membership include:

  • Substantial savings with no annual fee. The Union Plus Legal Service has the best fee-discount percentage of all free group legal services plans in the US.
  • Free initial consultation -up to 30 minutes with a lawyer. Most additional services – 30% discount.
  • Largest attorney panel – including lawyers from over 2,000 law office locations nationwide.
  • More than 20 years serving union members.
  • Lawyers are screened for being labor union-friendly and union-approved.
  • Notification of referrals, improves customer experience. For both online and phone referrals, panel attorneys can be notified in advance of a union member’s

USA Legal

USA Legal Resource has a longstanding reputation of high-quality service to plan members and plan attorneys. USA Legal serves thousands of individuals and group members across the United States and has developed a close relationship with our firm. Due to our reputation in the community and proven track record, USA Legal has selected our firm to be one of their exclusive plan attorneys, and refers plan members to Washington, Dreyer & Associates LLP on an almost daily basis. We are always excited to work with plan members and assist them in their legal issues. We offer plan members free in-office consultations, letters, phone calls, and discounts off our hourly rates. If you or your employer has enlisted you in a USA Legal Resource Group Legal Plan, call us today.


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